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Apps for police radar

Police radar is a device that measures speed by examining the red or blue shifts in lights. That is similar to the way astronomers determine the velocity and distance of stars.

Speed detector EVO

This police radar app detects speed cameras and high pace traps. Besides, this app has a simple user interface, and it’s easily used. You only need to place your phone on the dashboard and start the app. Once the software notices the police radar and speed traps cameras, it alerts you by a sound. The app is also good at providing information on the traffic situation, hence choosing the path with fewer traffic jams. This app has two functionalities;

  • Driving mode- This mode is responsible for providing police reports, traffic inspection, and speeding notifications.
  • Non-driving mode-In this manner, drivers can plan their path, check traffic manually, and receive oil consumption information.


Glob is another app detector that alerts both police and drivers with real-time traffic conditions. It provides traffic and radar info from distinct sources and informs the police traps, speed cameras, and traffic congestions. Besides, it helps in traversing the most appropriate paths to arrive at your destination. Additionally, the maps on this app are in 2D and 3D, and this allows you to choose either of them based on your interest to load maps more quickly to have more incredible details.

Cobra iRadar

Cobra iRadar app is one of the most accurate due to its 100% camera verification on the database. It detects red camera lights, speedy camera, and their straightforward installation on the road. The obtained information from it can be spread to others who might in need of it. Furthermore, this app has a speedometer that warns the driver to drive above the required speed. Also, it provides alerts on the upcoming momentum traps that are usually uploaded by other users.

Speed camera radar

The app is made specifically to reveal static speed cameras, red-light traffic cameras on the road. Moreover, it detects some various hazards roads along with zooming and rotation characteristics. It does not just provide alerts by displaying any increase in speed to drive at the recommended speed but also has an important feature recommended for all parts of the world. Besides, it supports voice calls alert and works in the background if you want to access other apps.


Waze is one of the most efficient radar detector apps that has an in-built GPS feature. It can sense traffic cameras, jams, accident alerts, and preferred locations. The app also gives you a chance to listen to music once you connect it with Spotify and a concurrently friendly interface.

The bottom line

With these police applications, you can know the position of speed cameras and police inspection areas on the map and their location marked by other people using the app. Besides, you can also identify road events such as accidents, traffic congestions, and weight control. By realizing any problem on the road, you can choose to use any available way to get you home on time.

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