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LiDAR Companies in the USA.

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. A surveying technology applies laser pulses to figure out the object’s distance; the object’s distance being determined is often hidden behind blockades. This system comprises of light-emitting sensor that transmits multiple laser pulses within its surroundings. Upon reflection from the object they hit, the pulses registered by the sensor. Guided by the time taken for the pulses to back, intricate computing systems within the LiDAR component interpret the objects’ distance that reflected light. There are several companies worldwide that are advanced in using this technique. Here are some of these companies from the USA.

LiDAR America, Inc.

Founded in 2013, LiDAR America is a top company in the USA based on LiDAR technology. This great Company is based in Fullerton in the state of California. This Company is known to deal with the development of technological innovations for the study of topography as well as bathymetry. This Company’s success can be attributed to the fact that it is the sole Company to provide the fusion of topographic and bathymetric data in a single outcome. This Company offers its services to the citizen of Canada, the USA, and Latin America.


This is a private Silicon Valley company. Currently, it is the best provider of time-of-flight LiDAR sensors. It also provides perception software for the purpose of the procession of 3D spatial statistics. This Company is known for the manufacturing of disrupting sensors based on reliability, pricing, quality, size, and performance. The sensors made by this Company are used in diverse economic sectors such as; mapping, manufacturing, security, transportation, and surveying.

Fugro EarthData, Inc.

This Company is located in Maryland; it is a global remote sensing organization. It is known for dealing with GIS, surveying, mapping, among other customized solutions to support land and any other activity concerned with natural resource management. The kind of technologies applied by this Company has the capacity to transform the information concerning the earth’s statistics into precise maps in either 2D or 3D. The tech in this Company is applied fields such as; transportation, design, surveys, and mapping.


This Company was founded in 2011. It is based in the state of Chicago in the United States. This Company is well known for devising and supplying of technology used in the industry of intelligent data collection and smart city amalgamation.

Velodyne LiDAR.

This Company is known for the production of real-time LiDAR sensors. It has succeeded in manufacturing and supplying 3D real-time perception systems. The sensors produced by this Company are used and applied in fields such as; 3D mobile mapping, 3D aerial mapping autonomous vehicles, among other areas. The Company is also famous for producing the VLP 16 LiDAR pack, which is cheap and of smaller size, unlike other previous models.

Stratio, Inc.

This is a private company that began in 2013. It is known for the production of Link Square. LinkSquare is a kind of spectrometer that is mainly used for analyzing products that are consumable at the molecular level. This technique is versatile, portable, and affordable. The tech applies a sensor of short wave image capable of penetrating objects and obtain sub-surface images from them. Data analysis in this tech is conducted using algorithms that are usually connected to the database from the back end so that it relays information to the user’s smartphone. This tech has been in use for a long time; the military has widely employed this technique. The most important thing with this tech is that its manufacturers have made it available to ordinary people. The idea of coming up with this technology is said to have been devised by three Ph.D. students from Stanford University. This project by the three scholars is said to have taken some time before it succeeded since it had several challenges at its inception.

Today, this Company is famous for designing, developing, and manufacturing infrared technologies. This Company’s technology has been of great help to many people as it has enabled them to reveal things that are hard to see. It also has advanced process efficiency as well as enhancing the safety of the public.


Founded in the year 2010, TriLumia is a famous company in designing as well as producing LiDAR sensors of low-cost which are majorly used as automotive applications. This Company is well known for the production of driver monitoring systems of high-end that offer a DMS illumination option. The unique thing about this Company’s production is that it uses a laser in place of conventional LEDs. Due to this, its products can illuminate only what is being focused on (only important information/ area) centered on the real-time inputs from the vehicle.


Founded in the year 2008, the idea leading to this Companycompany’s birth was from Paul Banks. HD LiDAR solid state is one of its famous LiDAR. The unique part of this LiDAR is that it has low consumption for power and a long-ranged and excellent resolution. It also contains a variety of applications in diverse industries.

The LiDAR companies are not only found in the USA; there are still others in other parts of the world. Such companies are also found in the continents of Asia and Europe; for instance, here are some of the LiDAR companies in India:


This Company is based in Mumbai. It is known for dealing with matters pertaining; surveying as well as mapping solutions. It is one of the well-known providers of geospatial services. This Company’s services have widely relied on a number of industries such as; disaster management, infrastructure, navigation, utilities, to name a few.


This is another Indian company based in Mumbai. It provides IT services to institutions such as; healthcare, retail, manufacturing, power, defense, among others. It is also involved in geospatial matters pertaining; mapping and image processing.


LiDAR has been of great importance in various aspects of the globe. This technology has helped in making matters which seemed impossible possible. It is a technology that needs to be further embraced as it will lead to further advancements in the future.

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