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List of Lidar Companies in Canada

Canada is a developed country that has good companies that help in Lidar development. It is a great technology that assists to invent great things. Military establishments depend on technology for a better experience. However, such great establishments are made by experienced companies. Let us look at various companies that make great equipment.

It takes excellent investment to develop and implement lidar. Therefore, it is a good thing to know about the makers of this incredible technology.

Hall tech Environmental and Aquatic research

Hall tech equipment has been dealing with making fishery equipment since 1991, and the mission has been to make a difference in solution giving.

Teledyne Optech incorporated

list of lidar companies in canada

For forty years, Teledyne technologies have committed to making advanced Lidar technology that has changed many things in the industry. The firm specializes in photogrammetry, GPS, and inertial measurement systems. It also majors in waveform digitization and supplies to a global market, making things easier for service seekers.

The company supports people globally according to the extent of help each client needs.

Laser map image plus

Laser map operates as a private establishment as a division of PHB group. It owns the Optec airborne Lidar equipment that has operated since its incorporation. Laser maps can provide sustained terrain models that will be effective in making any huge decisions. However, the company has more than ten-year experience and ensures accuracy in its dealings.

Ammonite measurement

Ammonite is an excellent firm to seek because it provides high-end material that makes it easy to determine strength and distance when it comes to wind and solar assessment. It is a wind energy pioneer who is passionate about exploring the uses of wind towards making proper energy.

Since 1989, Ammonite has made a difference in measuring the wind’s strength and how it can be used to generate enough energy. The company ensures that it uses the SCADA system to create affordable solar energy. However, it has an online platform for Lidar and So DAR users known as Ammonite.


list of lidar companies in canada

PHB is a global firm that provides collective data about the latest advancement in Lidar technology. It gives aerial photography that ensures enough topographical data coverage. However, the firm’s involvement in disciplinary projects made it acquire enough technical expertise.


Those people with an interest in forestry should know about software because it has made visible progress to Canada’s steep and rocky terrain. It has grown to gain important clients like government and giant industries, therefore proving its expertise. The company develops powerful software that makes it famous.

MDH Engineered Solutions/ SNC-LAVALIN

list of lidar companies in canada

Innovative and cost-effective geo-environmental solutions are provided by the MDH group that makes a difference in Canada. It should be known to every environmental lover that the firm has made enough strides to fit a huge testimony. It seeks to apply new technology to make a difference, therefore follow it up for detailed information.

Final thoughts

Companies seek to provide proper solutions; therefore, you should follow their profile to learn extra information about them.

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