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Marine radar App

The speedy development of technology has significantly enhanced monitoring and tracking ships in the recent past. With satellite-based vessel surveillance systems, different watercraft types have been keeping an eye efficiently by marine agencies and owners for a long time. Currently, several websites provide ship trailing using automatic identification to show the crafts’ real-time and location. If you want to be more versed on this, keep reading.

Marine traffic

That is one of the most common and widely used online shipping tracking systems that provide real-time information of the ship while in the water. Besides, it informs the vessel owner of many services such as AIS (automatic identification systems) coverage, enhanced satellite monitoring, developed density maps, and nautical charts. Furthermore, it allows the stalking of various ports around the world.

Ship finder

Ship Finder is an online training service that allows vessels to search via several options like shipping, capacity, tonnage, and construction. It also collects AIS ship feeds necessary for the craft over 300 tones, passengers, and small boats like yachts to give real-time data to its customers. Besides, it preserves the user’s history to generate a better experience and provides premium membership for developed users.


It was established in 2011 and provided real-time data for many vessels daily through an extensive network of terrestrial AIS receivers. Providing services across social, mobile, and digital networks offer port calls and masters every ship’s information history.


Far from any other stalking websites, it offers data on the positions and schedules of various cruise ships serving tourists across the globe. The website also generates information on characteristics and features and technical identification of each cruise, and any data information for major ports that hose the ship.


That is another open database and ports across the globe. Like any other website, it provides information on the ship’s position and technical data of several other vessels. Additionally, it offers the particular of the craft, schedule, and port arrivals. Using an interactive tool known as FleetMon explorer, you can view the marine traffic and access data on operation monitoring, fleet tracking, and logistic scheduling.

VT Explorer

This website provides its users with concurring ALS position data and technical information of many ships daily. Unlike the required data, this portal site generates images of the craft being trailed. With its availability on the computer and mobile phones, it monitors the boat schedules and arrivals to examine the trading patterns.


Like any other website, this is an advanced internet site that offers real-time positions of the world’s ships. Its immense database allows users to supervise the vessels and ports to inspect the marine traffic worldwide.

The bottom line

Marine radar apps display near real-time positions of the vessels and yachts globally. Linked to the land-based AIS receivers’ largest networks, the application covers most of the ports and ocean’s shipping routes. This app helps keep a database of information on the vessels, such as their location and the craft’s dimensions and gross tonnage.

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