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If you want to convert a particular time, edit the time in UTC time to get the respective EST time and Change the EST time to get the respective UTC time.

UTC to EST Conversion Tabel

UTC TimeEST Time (Standard Time)EST Time (Daylight Saving Time)
00:00 in UTC19:0020:00
01:00 in UTC20:0021:00
02:00 in UTC21:0022:00
03:00 in UTC22:0023:00
04:00 in UTC23:0000:00 (next day)
05:00 in UTC00:00 (next day)01:00 (next day)
06:00 in UTC01:00 (next day)02:00 (next day)
07:00 in UTC02:00 (next day)03:00 (next day)
08:00 in UTC03:00 (next day)04:00 (next day)
09:00 in UTC04:00 (next day)05:00 (next day)
10:00 in UTC05:00 (next day)06:00 (next day)
11:00 in UTC06:00 (next day)07:00 (next day)
12:00 in UTC07:00 (next day)08:00 (next day)
13:00 in UTC08:00 (next day)09:00 (next day)
14:00 in UTC09:00 (next day)10:00 (next day)
15:00 in UTC10:00 (next day)11:00 (next day)
16:00 in UTC11:00 (next day)12:00 (noon, next day)
17:00 in UTC12:00 (noon, next day)13:00 (next day)
18:00 in UTC13:00 (next day)14:00 (next day)
19:00 in UTC14:00 (next day)15:00 (next day)
20:00 in UTC15:00 (next day)16:00 (next day)
21:00 in UTC16:00 (next day)17:00 (next day)
22:00 in UTC17:00 (next day)18:00 (next day)
23:00 in UTC18:00 (next day)19:00 (next day)
UTC To EST and EST To UTC table

UTC to EST Conversion Tabel AM/PM

UTC TimeEST Time (Standard Time)EDT Time (Daylight Saving Time)
12:00 AM in UTC07:00 PM08:00 PM
01:00 AM in UTC08:00 PM09:00 PM
02:00 AM in UTC09:00 PM10:00 PM
03:00 AM in UTC10:00 PM11:00 PM
04:00 AM in UTC11:00 PM12:00 AM (next day)
05:00 AM in UTC12:00 AM (next day)01:00 AM (next day)
06:00 AM in UTC01:00 AM (next day)02:00 AM (next day)
07:00 AM in UTC02:00 AM (next day)03:00 AM (next day)
08:00 AM in UTC03:00 AM (next day)04:00 AM (next day)
09:00 AM in UTC04:00 AM (next day)05:00 AM (next day)
10:00 AM in UTC05:00 AM (next day)06:00 AM (next day)
11:00 AM in UTC06:00 AM (next day)07:00 AM (next day)
12:00 PM in UTC07:00 AM (next day)08:00 AM (next day)
01:00 PM in UTC08:00 AM (next day)09:00 AM (next day)
02:00 PM in UTC09:00 AM (next day)10:00 AM (next day)
03:00 PM in UTC10:00 AM (next day)11:00 AM (next day)
04:00 PM in UTC11:00 AM (next day)12:00 PM (noon, next day)
05:00 PM in UTC12:00 PM (noon, next day)01:00 PM (next day)
06:00 PM in UTC01:00 PM (next day)02:00 PM (next day)
07:00 PM in UTC02:00 PM (next day)03:00 PM (next day)
08:00 PM in UTC03:00 PM (next day)04:00 PM (next day)
09:00 PM in UTC04:00 PM (next day)05:00 PM (next day)
10:00 PM in UTC05:00 PM (next day)06:00 PM (next day)
11:00 PM in UTC06:00 PM (next day)07:00 PM (next day)
UTC To EST Conversion Tabel AM/PM

Time Zones play an important role in the modern world, ensuring that the coordination of the modern world happens seamlessly. There are multiple time zones and one of the most encountered time zone conversions are the Coordinated Universal Time ( UTC ) to Eastern Standard Time ( EST ). 

What is UTC?

UTC or Coordinated Universal Time, serves as the base for the global timekeeping. This is often referred to as the standard time of the world because it doesn’t counter Daylight Saving time  ( DST ) and maintain a consistent time over the entire year. So, the UTC has become the reference point from which all other time zones are derived. 

What is EST?

Eastern Standard Time ( EST ) is the time zone that is used in the eastern part of the United States including cities  such as New York, Washington D.C and Atlanta. It is 5 hours behind the UTC during Standard Time. However, when Daylight Saving Time ( DST ) is implemented, which typically happens at the second Sunday in March to the First Sunday of November, EST shifts to Eastern Daylight Time ( EDT ) and is 4 Hours behind UTC. 

UTC to EST Conversion

Converting from UTC to EST might seem hard at first, but it’s relatively straightForward once you understand the basics. 

Determine the Time Difference, Find how many hours UTC is ahead of EST. During Standard Time, UTC is 5 hours ahead of EST, but during DST, it’s only 4 hours. 

Then Add or Subtract the Hours Accordingly. Depending on the Time difference, Add or Subract the appropriate number of hours to the UTC time to get the corresponding EST time. 

Tips for Managing UTC to EST Conversion

  • To make life easier when dealing with time zone conversions, consider these tips:
  • Use the Above mentioned tool to seamlessly convert the time from UTC to EST. 
  • If you have set your TimeZone correctly in your device, you automatically will get the current EST time from the above converter. 
  • On top of that, if you want to convert a particular time, edit the time in UTC time to get the respective EST time and Change the EST time to get the respective UTC time. 

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